Royal Marks revealed for the first time . . .

Princess Victoria of Kent secretly married
Blind Prince George of Cumberland, then had
a legitimate first born son, Marcos Manoel,
who was exiled to Portugal
to be kept as the Royal Secret – all in 1834.

In 1850, Victoria presented Marcos Manoel
with a Chest full of Royal Marks to
confirm his lineage for future generations –
the Rightful Heir to the Crown of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

Marcos Manoel received the Sword of the
Duchy of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha and was
Crowned King John II of England which
Queen Victoria confirmed by opening
Holborn Viaduct & Blackfriars Bridge
on the same day in 1869.
As a result, the British Dukes of S.C.G.
kept abandoning their S.C.G. position.

The Royal Society codified Kingship
using instantly recognisable Codes
. . . revealed when the time was Right.
Queen Victoria immortalised this,
commissioning J.M. Barrie to write ‚Peter Pan’.
Kingship is recorded as such
to eliminate all imitators.

This story has been maintained as a
Forbidden Secret for Two Hundred Years
and has been acknowledged
by the incumbent Royal Family.

Queen Victoria paid £1million for her
genealogy and recorded Two Jesuses
who were third cousins –
their chronology through England and
the Algarve is recorded and illustrated within
The Hidden King of England.

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